Hank is my baby. He is a great horse!!! He is very calm and gentle and listens so well. He is 16.0 hands and about 1100 lbs. He is registered APHA and is grey.  

Maggie is my husband's mule. He raised her from a baby. She loves him and only him lol. She is jealous of me. She's about 14.3 hands. She is very quick. She can go all day on the trails. She and Dixie love to torment each other. The dogs learn quickly to stay out of her way because she hates dogs!

Yogi is a good boy. He is an Appendix Quarter Horse. He is 16.1 hands tall and about 1000 pound. He is a good boy that loves to ride on the trails. I'll try to get a better pic of him soon.  

Jackie is my other baby. I've had her since she was 2. I bought her thinking she was gonna be really big, but she didn't grow anymore. She has been 15.1 hands with shoes on since the day I got her. She is a pretty girl tho and very good. She could stand there all day and let you pet and brush her. She is registered AQHA and has lots of show/halter horses in her bloodlines. 

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