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A $200 (or 1/2 of puppy's price if less than $400) NONREFUNDABLE deposit will hold the puppy of your choice until he or she is ready to go. I CANNOT hold a puppy without a deposit (I have tried that 3 times now and the people never came to get the I missed other chances to sell the puppy to other people). 

I prefer to sell my puppies as pets which is with spay/neuter contract, and puppies will be cheaper if sold as pets on spay/neuter contract. Price listed is pet price....feel free to inquire about breeding rights. There are several benefits to spaying/neutering:  

--If you're dog is fixed, he or she will not have unwanted puppies that could end up on the streets, in the pound, etc.

--If a female is spayed, you will not have to worry about keeping her up every 4-6 months, she will not have messy heat cycles, she will be less moody, and the chance of having infections/cancer of female organs is non-existent.

--If a male is neutered before he reaches puberty or breeds a female, he will not mark his territory (this means no peeing on tires and whatever else he can reach), he will be less aggressive toward other male dogs, and he will not get testicular cancer.

Only pups that I feel are breeding quality will be available with breeding rights.

I have the right to refuse to sell my puppies if I don't feel that they are the right fit for you or that you are the right fit for them. I am the only voice they have in life, so I want to be sure they find the right home.

We vet check the puppies first thing. They have tails docked and dew claws removed at 3 days by our vet. They will be wormed every 2 weeks, and have 1st shots at 6 weeks (then every 3 weeks after if they are still here until 16 weeks). Puppies will receive Marquis or Toltrazuril at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks to prevent coccidia (stress diarrhea), and Synanthic X 7 days at 7 weeks to prevent giardia. Our aussie puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee against genetic defects. I now pretty much have all my breeding dogs' health testing complete. I am striving to produce only high quality healthy puppies that you will be satisfied with for years to come.


Candy X Diesel AKC Aussie Pups 5/3/13

Tess--Blue Merle Female SOLD


Tia--Blue Merle Female SOLD


Tank--Blue Merle Male SOLD




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